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January 2017 Everglades Outpost Update

The Everglades Outpost takes in hurt and injured wildlife, rehabilitates it, and releases it back to the wild. Most of the animals at the Everglades Outpost have been confiscated from illegal, traumatic and abusive situations.  The Everglades Outpost is different from a zoo in that it is a non-profit run by idealistic volunteers who love and want to help animals.

Here are two recent snapshots of some of our activities.

Everglades Outpost trainer Quinton Glenn presents Phoenix, a 7-month old tiger cub. Training Phoenix requires a few tricks. Watch this video to learn more.

Everglades Outpost founder Bob Free shows how alligator hatchlings make it out of their eggs. He explains how mothers gently help their offspring make the wondrous transition.

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