Watch the video below about our campaign to build a new habitat for Rocky and Cheeky, our tigers:

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Everglades Outpost

A wildlife rescue, and an up-close way
to learn about the Everglades.



Each animal has
a rescue story!

Each story offers a different
view into the Everglades.



Meet Bob Freer

The Wildlife Rescue is Bob’s home.
He and his wife Barbara live
with their rescued animals.

Our mission

We take in injured animals, rehabilitate them, and release them back into the wild. We educate the public about the Everglades.

Why it matters

We believe in the dignity of every animal. Every animal deserves our love and respect. Every injured animal should have a place to get well.

Your experience

See educational wildlife shows. Take an airboat ride. Meet the animals. Experience the Everglades up close and personal.

At the Outpost, each of us
has a rescue story:
Latest news
  1. February 2017 Update: rescuing and releasing a coyote - Everglades Outpost Manager Quinton Glenn reports on a coyote who was rescued by the Everglades Outpost and is about to be released back into the wild.
  2. January 2017 Update - Everglades Outpost trainer Quinton Glenn presents Phoenix, a 7-month old tiger cub. Training Phoenix requires a few tricks. Everglades Outpost founder Bob Free shows how alligator hatchlings make it out of their eggs. He explains how mothers gently help their offspring make the wondrous transition.
  3. Miami New Times: Outpost one of the 10 best things to do - The Miami New Times is featuring the Everglades Outpost as one of the "10 Best Things To Do in Homestead." The paper writes: "Spend an afternoon strolling around the sanctuary, honing your inner Ron Magill by the tiger area, and channeling your inner Stark near the wolves."
  4. Everglades Outpost News, March 2016 - As there are so many new events happening here at the Everglades Outpost, we thought this would be a good way to keep everyone informed of everything here. We will also be adding videos to our social media and website.
  5. Meet Quinton Glenn, Everglades Outpost volunteer - Quinton Glenn , 20, has been with the Outpost since he was 8. Quinton is one of the core volunteers at the Outpost. His responsibilities includes animal handling, tours, wild life presentations and carnivore feedings.

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