Wall of Thanks

We thank the following donors and supporters. Because of their help and generosity, our animals have a home and loving care.

  • All Creative BLESSINGS
  • Alva (Bonsai Garden)
  • Bernie Kressner
  • Bob (Ramada Inn)
  • Elizabeth Nall
  • Eric Ginn
  • Jeanette (Jersey Boardwalk)
  • Jenny (Everglades Outpost)
  • Jim Accursio (Capri Restaurant)
  • Kathryn (Cracker Barrel)
  • Laura Maye (Coral Castle)
  • Melissa (Sonny’s BBQ)Bob Freer (Everglades Outpost)
  • Mike McDonald (Red Lobster)
  • Pat Delvecchio and Dr. Loften
  • Peter Schnebly (Schnebly Winery)
  • Rob King
  • Robert Fuchs (R.F. Orchids)
  • Steve Jacques (Monkey Jungle)
  • The Carmen Rebozo Foundation
  • The George T. Baker Foundation, Inc.
  • William Castro (Home 2 Hilton Suites)

Previous donations:

(listed in alphabetical order)

We’re also grateful to the donors who help us build a new habitat for our tigers Rocky And Cheeky (check out our Crowdrise campaign):

  • Connie Buher
  • Debbi Johnson
  • Don and Dianne Morris
  • Emil Hiykel (in memory of his son Justin)
  • Jan
  • Janis Taylor
  • Julie Stewart
  • Kathy Stafford
  • Kent
  • Kevin Hamako
  • Linda Moskowitz
  • Niki Ghanny
  • The Belisle Family

If we accidentally forgot to include you in this list, please let us know.